My Orders
• How to order ?
To place your order you have to do the following:
1. On our website http://collegien-shop.fr/chaussons.html select the product desired by clicking on the image.
2. In the product file, select the size and click on "add to cart"
3. To validate your order, clickto the cart on the right top that contains one or more articles and follow the steps to validate your order.

• Has my order been taken into account?
When the order is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation by email with a summary of your order.

• Can I change my order?
If your order has been validated and you notice that it does not ultimately correspond to what you would like to have, you can join our customer service by email: contact@collegien-shop.com or telephone: +33 (0 ) 5 63 58 48 59, which will endeavor to correct the quantities, change a model ... etc.

My delivery
• On the website, it says that the shipping costs are offered from 100 € of purchase, which are the countries concerned?
Shipping costs from € 100 purchase are available for the following list of countries: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg Netherlands and Portugal, Vatican and San Marino .

What are the rates of delivery? Here is the list of rates by country:
Zone 1: FR, BE, NL, LU, DE, GB, IT, ES, IE, PT, AD, SM, VA

  • Up to € 99.99 = € 6.95 purchase
  • From € 100 purchase = EXPENSES ARE OFFERED

Zone 2: IS, NO, PL, SE, CH, FI, GR, GF, PF, TF, RE, NC, LI, SI, AT, DK

  • 1-8 pairs = € 13 / € 15 = 8paires
  • = 9paires SHIPPING OFFERED

Zone 3: Eastern Europe

  • From 1 to 4 pairs = 20 € / From 5 to 8 pairs: € 28
  • 9paires = SHIPPING OFFERED

Zone 4: Rest of the world

  • From 1 to 2p = 25 € / de 3 to 4 pairs = 35 €, up to 24 pairs € 50 /
  • 25 pairs = SHIPPING OFFERED

except Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and China

• What is the delivery area of ​​the site collegien-shop.com?
COLLEGIEN-SHOP.COM delivers across EU, but also worldwide. Delivery to the United States, Switzerland and other countries subject to the import tax is based on DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid). The recipient will be obliged to pay all duties or local for the order.

• How can I track?
If your order is dispatched with colissimo, you can follow the progress of delivery at: http://www.colissimo.fr/portail_colissimo/suivre.do by entering the number of your package.

• What will happen if La Poste / Colissimo delivers during my absence?
For shipments of less than 3 pairs: the package size of an envelope will be left in your mailbox.
For shipments over 2 pairs, a notice is deposited in your mailbox.
-> If, however, within 10 days after shipment, your package is still not delivered, please contact us.

• Can I be delivered to another address?
Yes of course. Just note a different delivery address than the billing address. This information is done at the checkout, in Step 3: Delivery and payment.

My payments
• How to pay my order?
We offer different methods of payment:
- CB (. We accept bank cards VISA, MASTERCARD and BLUE CARD) You must enter your credit card number or credit card number and its expiration date and security code on the page provided for this purpose.
- Paypal
- Cheque or bank transfer.

• Are the payments secure?
To guarantee a secure and serene purchase COLLEGIEN-SHOP.COM, uses PAYLINE technology. All information you provide to us via the Internet is encrypted and protected. COLLEGIEN-SHOP.COM PAYLINE support to ensure maximum security for transactions via the site. Our customer service is available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in France) from 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. and 14 hours to 17 hours.
You can place your order by phone from France +33 (0) 5 63 58 48 59

• When will my account be debited is it?
The flow of the sum depends on your bank and the conditions in place with it. However generally the flow is almost immediate and / or is visible immediately after purchase.