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The story of Collégien is that of a family, a village and a priceless know-how.
The Guilles have run their hosiery factory for over a century, at Briatexte, a small village in the southwest of France. In 1947, Robert created the Collégien brand and, with his brother Alain, invented the injection of a soft rubber sole in a sock: the slipper-sock was born! In 2007, Olivier Guille, today’s CEO and the founder’s great-grandchild, restyled this iconic item and made it a worldwide beloved accessory, thank to its design, vivid colours and comfort.
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The Brand

Collégien is a French brand established in 1947.
Collégien offers men’s, women’s and kids’ socks, slipper-socks, tights and knitted accessories. Each collection is the result of a process taking into account current trends. From collection designing to customer delivery, all products are totally made in France. Collégien has been able to value its know-how to create the ultimate socks and tights, made of the finest long-staple Egyptian cotton, cashmere, silk and extra-soft lurex.
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From its creation in 1947 to the 90s, Collégien was a much beloved brand in France. Collégien collections of clothes, socks and tights were carried in the best Department Stores in Paris and worldwide, advertisements were to be seen on all Parisian buses and the famous singer Sheila promoted the brand too.
In 2007, Olivier Guille, today’s CEO and the founder’s great-grandchild, decided to relaunch the brand by reinterpreting the company archives, particularly the iconic slipper-socks.
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